11. Combine mulit RPi-Spark modules into one application

In the previous chapters, we showed the application development of the basic functions of RPi-Spark respectively, and we made the example application of each chapter as a single module and can run independently.

However, when you need to develop a great and powerful application, it is not right to concentrate all the application functions into one RPi-Spark module. In this case, you need to split these powerful functions into different modules. Finally assembly them completes a great application.

In this chapter we show how to integrate multi RPi-Spark modules into one application. We design three RPiSparkModule modules: A, B and Menu which you can through Menu module choose to execute the A or B module.

First we create a directory to save all the files created in this chapter:

$> mkdir 11.0 

Note : All the files created in Chapter 11 need be saved to the "11.0" directory.


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