1. RPi-Spark Overview

RPi-Spark pHAT let you quickly and easily bulid the application of the Raspberry Pi GPIO. For example: games, spirit level, remote control car, balance car, sports pedometer, server monitor and other applications.

Key Features

Spark Shield:


RPi-Spark v1.1 Pinout

  • RPi-Spark GPIO's number is physical number of 40 pins and labeled PIN function of BCM mode.
  • 15-SWA and 16-SWB connect buttons A and B respectively. Simply wire to ground and you will get the same effect as pressing button A or B.



How to install Drives and SDK:

  • JMRPi.Spark is Drives of RPi-Spark
  • JMRPi.Foundations is SDK for RPi-Spark

SDK Manuals:

Code Example:


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